One Giant Sleep for Babykind

The Rockit Portable Baby Rocker. Due on sale October 2017

Rockit out and about

With your baby content by your side you enjoy a coffee with friends, a play in the park and manage the supermarket checkout with both hands.

Rockit at home

Gain those few extra minutes to unpack the shopping. Avoid late night walks around the block or long treks to keep baby asleep. Relax, Rockit has got it covered.

About the Rockit

Does your little one wake up as soon as the buggy stops moving? The Rockit will keep rocking so you don’t have to! Created to help parents on the go, this handy must-have accessory keeps babies moving and snoozing.
Simply attach to your pushchair or pram, push the button and adjust the speed to gently rock your baby, just like you would.
Bye bye bouncing parents and crying babies. Hello happy sleeping tots and liberated grown-ups!
Our clever bracket fits on most pushchairs and prams and one set of batteries can last as long as 60 hours. That's one hour a day for 2 months.
The Rockit can be used wherever you are - it's even rainproof so you don't have to worry about the British weather!

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See what mums and dads think about The Rockit

“I borrowed one for a week and didn’t want to give it back. It was a life saver!”

Isobel Thompson

“It’s really useful – I’m using it on my pushchair and with an additional bracket my childminder uses it on her stroller”

Hannah Davies

“This is the first time he’s ever just sat in his pram without crying and without me pushing it constantly… it’s amazing!”

Emily Balfour

“I was sceptical when I saw it because is was so small, but it really does work”

Simon Wilson